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316 stainless (Head & Coupling)

Stack temperature ranges -25 to 250°C, -25 to 400°C, -25 to 600°C

Light Source: Modulated LED (green spectrum) counters effect of ambient and stray visible light

RS485 (Modbus) output to control unit

24VDC power supplied by control unit

IP65 die-cast aluminium enclosure

Air Filter and Regulator assembly for plant instrument air (air purge requirement is application dependent, e.g. positive pressure, heavy dust loading, 30-60 litre/min)
Control Unit

Standard or 1-16 Channel PLUS unit for extended sensor networking capability

Industrially hardened display screen and enclosure with icon driven, multilingual menus for intuitive user interface

Data logging: Simultaneous recording of pulse data (for arrestment plant cleaning diagnostics), short term data (for process control), long term data (for external emissions reporting), and Alarm log for up to 500 alarming events

Alarming: Local (audible and visual), and via 4 x user selectable relay outputs (PLUS), expandable via 'ROM' module

Ethernet (Modbus TCP) connectivity for industrial network integration (PLUS)

4 x 4-20mA and 1 x RS485 (Modbus RTU) outputs (PLUS), expandable via 'AOM' module

External inputs: Accepts input data from external devices (e.g. for temp and O2 normalisation, plant off indication, bag cleaning reference, multiple calibrations) via digital and 4-20mA inputs, expandable via 'AIM' module

Pulse log review to diagnose location of leaking bags
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