Added Value Designs

ENVEA UK offer an unparalleled range of sensor and system technologies, with a focus on added value features designed to address the differing particulate emission monitoring challenges faced by specific industries. These unique ENVEA UK features have been developed through years of practical application experience, with ongoing consultation between plant operators, regulators and ENVEA UK driving a continuous development program for the furthering of particulate monitoring technology. Examples of ENVEA UK’s Added Value Designs include:


DynamicOpacity Ratiometric Opacity – ENVEA UK’s patented ratiometric opacity technique improves on conventional Opacity instruments with performance unaffected by lens contamination up to 90%, therefore offering greatly reduced maintenance requirements.

ProScatter Forward Scatter – ENVEA UK’s patented forward light scatter technology improves on alternative light scatter technologies by offering an increased signal to noise ratio for high signal stability, higher resolution and better minimum detection capability, with greatly improved tolerance to changing particle size and type.

ElectroDynamic Probe Electrification – ENVEA UK’s patented probe electrification technology offers significant performance benefits over triboelectric and other alternative probe electrification type instruments, including certified performance over an extended velocity range, tolerance to probe rod contamination and avoidance of drift from electrostatic charging effects.


Automatic Electronic Self Checks – Improved measurement reliability from a range of automatic self checks ensures instruments are in compliance with regulatory standards (TUV, MCERTS, US EPA).

Advanced Signal Processing – Rapid dynamic ranging and rolling digital average calculations for accurate emission measurement even in processes with highly variable emission rates.

Probe Rod Short Circuit Check (ElectroDynamic™) – Avoids errors due to short circuit which can occur between stack and probe electrification type instruments, with dedicated alarm indication.  For example see PCME STACK 990.

Advanced Contamination Check (ElectroDynamic™) – Patented technology enables predictive sensor maintenance scheduling, lower down times and confidence in signal integrity, by monitoring the effect of particulate build-up across probe rod insulator and warning operator if signal is affected.  For example see PCME STACK 990.


Insulated Probe Rod (ElectroDynamic™) – Patented insulated sensing probe rod option for high humidity and conductive particulates, provides unrivalled performance in process drier applications and increases instrument availability in certain challenging process conditions which are unsuitable for standard probe electrification type instruments.

Passive/Active Sensor Rod (ElectroDynamic™) – Eliminates effects of condensation in the instrument’s stack connection stub, which has the potential to cause short circuits and erroneous signals.

Enhanced Corrosion Protection (ElectroDynamic™) – Hastelloy components for durability in corrosive gas applications, where corrosive condensate has the potential to damage unprotected probes.

Bag Pulse Display Module – Convenient remote display accessory for viewing real-time graphical data from pulse jet cleaned bag filters, enabling simplified baghouse performance monitoring.

High Temperature, Pressure and Explosive Atmosphere Operation – ENVEA UK's sensor range includes options rated to 800°C and 50 bar, with ATEX and IECEx certifications for gas and dust zones to handle a wide spectrum of application conditions.  For example see PCME VIEW Ex 800 / 820.

PC-ME Dust Tools – Modular PC software package for flexibility with Environmental, Legislative and Process Control reporting, offering centralised particulate emissions data management and convenient system configuration.