Bag Filters

ENVEA UK supply industry leading bag filter performance and condition monitoring systems for the broad range of industrial processes where bag filter abatement plant is in use.  Particulate measurement systems are generally used to monitor emissions to the atmosphere, but if specified with the necessary features and implemented correctly, they can be deployed as valuable condition monitoring and preventative maintenance planning systems.  This facilitates both the extension of service life for bag filter elements, and a significant reduction in reactive maintenance interventions and therefore process down times.

Typical ENVEA UK bag filter monitoring network with Filter Performance Monitors on individual chamber outlets, and Particulate Measurement System on the main stack.

ENVEA UK's range also includes Filter Leak Monitors, also known as Burst Bag Detectors (Europe) and Bag Leak Detectors (US), to track changes in emissions from bagfilter plant and provide a tool to minimise emissions and monitor for bagfilter malfunction.