Carbon Black

ENVEA UK’s involvement with carbon black manufacturers and related industries has led to the development of a unique range of particulate monitoring systems. Working in conjunction with some of the industry’s key players, ENVEA UK provide an unparalleled range of instrumentation suitable for application in the difficult particulate monitoring conditions associated with carbon black. These instruments not only protect our environment by aiding legislative compliance, but also decrease operator costs by helping to reduce filter maintenance costs and production downtime. Carbon black particulate is highly visible and difficult to monitor using light scatter type instruments, limiting the choice of technology which can be employed to effectively monitor emissions. ENVEA UK’s particulate monitoring systems overcome the problems normally associated with monitoring carbon black, including:

  • Carbon black particulate coating and de-sensitising the sensing components, and short circuiting traditional probe electrification type instruments – PCME’s unique and patented ElectroDynamic Probe Electrification technology is unaffected by this build-up of particulate and will function with the probe rod completely coated.
  • Corrosive condensate, which can potentially form in the flue gas from carbon black manufacturing due to the sulphur content of the feedstock, will corrode instruments without suitable protection. PCME offer high grade acid resistant components proven to last in these challenging conditions.

ENVEA UK offer approved (TUV & MCERTS) systems for particulate measurement, filter leak monitoring and filter performance monitoring, depending on the plant specific requirements which are specified in close consultation between plant operators and ENVEA UK. Carbon black plant typically demands monitoring on multiple emission points and filter plant, which can be addressed with a networked multichannel system. By offering a range of measurement technologies in reliable and rugged instruments, ENVEA UK are able to offer a full range of solutions to meet and often exceed legislative compliance, and significantly improve the operation of filter plant including a reduction in filter maintenance requirements.