Metals - Steel Mini Mills

The metals industry is a core focus for ENVEA UK’s business, with extensive experience in integrated steel mills, foundries, aluminium smelters and steel mini mills driving the continuous development of monitoring solutions to best meet the demands of industry. Experience gained from over 5,000 applications in the metals industry alone gives ENVEA UK a comprehensive understanding of the potential issues facing particulate monitoring for steel mini mills, in particular:

  • High temperature flue gases and high ambient temperatures create demanding conditions for both sensors and baghouses, increasing the need for responsive and predictive bagfilter monitoring capability due to environmental stress on bagfilter media
  • Harsh and dusty environments require dependable and rugged sensor operation, where reduced sensor maintenance requirements, reduced sensitivity to sensor contamination, and a range of durable sensor options for challenging stack conditions are of significant benefit to plant operators.

ENVEA UK offer approved (TUV & MCERTS) systems for particulate measurement, filter leak monitoring and filter performance monitoring, depending on the plant specific requirements which are specified in close consultation between plant operators and ENVEA UK. Steel Mini Mill plant typically demands monitoring on multiple emission points across furnace, casting and rolling mill operations, which can be addressed with a networked multichannel system. By offering a range of measurement technologies in reliable and rugged instruments, ENVEA UK are able to offer a full range of solutions to meet and often exceed legislative compliance, and significantly improve the operation of filter plant including a reduction in filter maintenance requirements.

As knowledge and awareness increase in the environmental and health concerns associated with metallic particulates, regulators are increasingly focusing on operators of metals plant to enforce lower emissions limits and more strict compliance programs. With a history of establishing, developing and maintaining strong partnerships within the metals industry, ENVEA UK bring extensive experience for assisting plant operators to both minimise emissions and improve the operation of filter plant.