Minerals - Gypsum

ENVEA UK are the preferred supplier of continuous particulate emission monitors to a number of the worlds leading Gypsum and Plasterboard manufacturers. Worldwide involvement with the industry over many years has led to the development of an unparalleled range of unique solutions for in-stack particulate monitoring, and familiarity with the emission monitoring challenges specific to the Gypsum industries, including:

  • Humid flue gases, particularly after calciner and kettle plant and sometimes after the kiln, can result in sticky particulate which can coat the optical surfaces of Opacity instruments and ‘blind’ traditional triboelectric type instruments leading to erroneous signals and data, necessitating frequent instrument maintenance and dependence on fail-safe air purging systems.
  • Bagfilter performance monitoring is of particular importance, as the high level of humidity in gypsum plant flue gases can lead to premature deterioration of bagfilter media, and filtration blinding by caking with the sticky particulate matter. The resulting requirement for process interventions and the associated costs therefore highlight the benefits of the ability to predicatively monitor bag filter performance.

ENVEA UK offer approved (TUV & MCERTS) systems for particulate measurement, filter leak monitoring and filter performance monitoring, depending on the plant specific requirements which are specified in close consultation between plant operators and ENVEA UK. Gypsum and Plasterboard plant typically demand monitoring on multiple emission points including milling, calcining, kiln, materials transfer, scoring and chamfering plant, which can be addressed with a networked multichannel system. By offering a range of measurement technologies in reliable and rugged instruments, ENVEA UK are able to offer a full range of sensor solutions to meet and often exceed legislative compliance, and significantly improve the operation of filter plant including a reduction in filter maintenance requirements.