ENVEA UK’s involvement with the Power generation industry over many years has led to the development of a range of unique solutions for in-stack measurement of particulate concentration. ENVEA UK provide a wide range of approved (TUV and MCERTS) technologies to measure particulate concentration under the varying conditions found in different power generation plant, to facilitate legislative compliance, and also to support ISO 14000 objectives and save operational costs by reducing filter maintenance requirements and process downtime. From this experience, ENVEA UK understand the particulate monitoring challenges facing Power Plant operators, including:

  • The differing characteristics of combustion emissions and fugitive emissions (eg from fuel pulverising plant), and the most suitable application of corresponding techniques and technologies for low-maintenance particulate monitoring instruments in these differing process conditions
  • Meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements such as the ‘Large Combustion Plant Directive’ and supporting standards EN 14181 and EN 13284-2 in Europe, or PS-1 and PS-11 for PM CEMs in the USA, whilst maintaining low cost of ownership and reduced maintenance requirements

A broad range of emissions abatement plant is in use for coal, gas, oil and biomass fired power plant worldwide, in particular electrostatic precipitators, fabric baghouses, cyclones, and a variety of wet scrubbers such as venturi scrubbers and moving-bed scrubbers. Recognising that there is no single measurement technology to best suit all conditions, ENVEA UK offer a range of technologies and instruments which are specified for each application in close consultation with ENVEA UK, to provide unrivalled performance and quality data for legislative compliance and also to facilitate filter and process optimisation.