ENVEA UK’s involvement with the Tobacco industry over many years has lead to the development of several novel and unique solutions for in-stack particulate monitoring. Working worldwide in conjunction with the industry’s leading manufacturers, ENVEA UK provides an unparalleled range of instrumentation to monitor the extremely low levels of dust normally associated with the filtration systems used in the manufacture of Tobacco based products. These systems help protect our environment by aiding legislative compliance, assist manufacturing operations, support ISO 14000 objectives and also save operator costs by reducing filter maintenance and process downtime. Additionally, due to the value of the raw product, filter performance monitoring can provide valuable process data to improve product recovery efficiency. ENVEA UK are familiar with potential issues surrounding particulate emissions monitoring for Tobacco plant, including:

  • Awareness of the constraints on materials and substances exposed to tobacco product, for example ENVEA UK provide instruments to the Tobacco industry which are free from certain polymers, which are known to cause polymer fume fever and are therefore forbidden
  • Monitoring of cartridge filters in tobacco feed fan/filter systems allows planned maintenance before entrained particulate matter (‘caking’) adversely effects tobacco feed system performance
  • Moist particulate matter as found in drying plant emissions can foul traditional particulate monitoring instruments, ENVEA UK offer solutions demonstrated to be highly tolerant to contamination whilst maintaining accuracy, and therefore require significantly less maintenance

ENVEA UK offer approved (TUV & MCERTS) systems for particulate measurement, filter leak monitoring and filter performance monitoring, depending on the plant specific requirements which are specified in close consultation between plant operators and ENVEA UK. Tobacco plant often requires monitoring on multiple emission points across primary and secondary processing operations, which can be addressed with a networked multichannel system. By offering a range of measurement technologies in reliable, rugged instruments, ENVEA UK are able to provide a full range of solutions to meet and often exceed legislative compliance, significantly improve the operation of filter plant including a reduction in filter maintenance requirements, and improve the efficiency of product recovery.