PCME Launch a new addition to their Backscatter Particulate Measurement Sensor Range


PCME Ltd, a leading specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of continuous in-stack particulate emission and velocity measurement monitors introduce the DM 170, a new addition to their established range of EN 14181 QAL1 approved range of Backscatter Particulate Measurement Sensors.

Designed to meet global demands for quality assured particulate measurement in medium to high dust concentrations, the DM 170 is suitable for Process and Environmental particulate monitoring applications where both Process Operator and Regulator require high quality measurement which can be verified using audit material to prove operational accuracy.

Engineered with single side stack mounting and with manual audit capability, the DM 170 is ideally suited for use in growing economies as a solution for measuring particulate in stacks typically found in Power, Cement, Steel, Petrochemical and Chemical processes including those with hot or aggressive gases. Small-medium boiler applications are also ideal for the DM 170, where ease of installation, increased accuracy and lower detection capability over traditional opacity-type techniques is ensured.

Utilising ProScatter® Backscatter sensor technology with a minimum detection of 1 mg/m³, both manual and remotely activated Zero and Span checks are available to ensure optimal instrument performance. An Air Purge Flow Sensor and Automatic Optical Shield protect the optics from the flue gas in the event of purge failure and a Flue Gas Blocker protects Site Operators from any harmful flue gases during service and maintenance to provide site safety compliance.

Designed to comply with the TUV suitability testing scheme to EN 15267, the DM 170 operates in applications between 0–1000 mg/m³.

Available as a “stand-alone” compact design sensor, the DM 170 offers a cost-effective solution to many dry stack particulate monitoring applications worldwide.

Archive 2017