Supporting Bag Filter Arrestment Plant Operation with PCME’s New Bag Pulse Display Module


Bag filter arrestment plant operation can be optimized by the use of particulate emission monitors. Filter Leak Monitors and Filter Performance Monitors provide feedback on the bag filter operation to reduce running costs and minimize emissions.

PCME Ltd introduce a new addition to their comprehensive range of Filter Leak Monitors and Filter Performance Monitors for single chamber, multi-row or multi-compartment devices which monitor the cleaning pulses generated from the bag filter pulse of dust created by the cleaning process. The new Bag Pulse Display Unit provides the ability to actually view specific cleaning pulses. The magnitude of dust pulses reflect the condition of the bag being cleaned, with a failing or worn bag generating a higher dust pulse than an efficiently operating bag. By directly relating pulses to each bag row being pulse cleaned, leaking or broken bags can be easily identified enabling isolation of specific bag rows ahead of critical failure. This identification process results in reduced bag replacements, improved scheduled maintenance programmes and lower downtime.

Advanced software and communication systems can increase the ability to display data in easy to understand graphics. In addition, locating the Bag Pulse Display Unit next to the bag filter allows real time bag filter performance viewing.


Archive 2010