Webinar: The impact of ever-decreasing emission limit values on process control, emission monitoring and calibration

Ryan Goater, Area Sales Manager
Webinar Presenter


Wednesday 18 July 2018
08:00 and repeated 14:00 and 16:00

Webinar Overview
Global Regulators are introducing ever-tightening environmental control. Taking Europe as an example, industrial processes are regulated via the Industrial Emission Directive and key sectors are regulated via Best Available Techniques Reference (BREF) notes and Best Available Techniques Conclusions (BATC) documents.

Common regulatory themes/trends include the lowering of emission limit values (ELVs) and the use of optimised emission control techniques such as the use of bag filters as Best Available Techniques (BAT). To meet the lower ELVs, Process Operators must utilise a variety of proven techniques and solutions, whilst considering whether their emission monitoring and reporting systems are still correct for their needs. Ryan will discuss the need for increased environmental control by ensuring filtration plant is effectively managed, with solutions for effective emission monitoring and reporting, even under low dust concentrations.

For more information contact Linda Furnell (lindaf@pcme.co.uk).

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