The PCME LEAK ALERT 73 is a Filter Leak Monitor suited to filter control applications after fabric filter type (baghouse) dust arrestment plant where performance approval is not required. The instrument offers robust and reliable filter leak monitoring capability, with optional self-check features and ATEX / IECEx category 1/2/3 classification for Dust Zones 20, 21, 22.

Using ENVEA UK's patented ElectroDynamic Probe Electrification technology, the instrument extracts a specific frequency band from the induced AC current signature and filters out the DC current caused by particle collisions. The technology outperforms conventional DC triboelectric systems and alternative AC systems by extending the velocity range over which the instrument has no cross sensitivity to changing velocity, and is unaffected by contamination of the sensor rod eliminating concerns of signal drift.

  • High quality leak response with sufficient dynamic range and time response to track emissions from single and multi-compartment pulse cleaned bagfilters
  • Optional system self-checks to validate measurement integrity including Zero and Span checking
  • ATEX / IECEx category 1D/2D/3D for dust zones 20, 21, 22
  • Insulated sensor rod option for unmatched performance in high humidity applications
  • Powerful integrated user interface with keypad and display for intuitive instrument set-up
  • 0 - 100% or user scalable display, of assistance to plant operators wishing to manually scale the display to an approximate known dust level