The PCME QAL 260 series is suitable for measuring dust concentrations in Combustion, Incineration and other industrial stacks and is compliant with EN 14181. Having a 0-15 mg/m³ certification range, the PCME QAL 260 sensor can be used at low or high dust levels. Due to dynamic ranging, the sensor is also suitable for much higher dust levels found in Power, Cement and Metals smelting processes.

The sensor is available as a standalone version, the compact PCME QAL 260c or the PCME QAL 260s which is combined with a PCME Control Unit to provide either a standard single-channel system or a multi-channel PRO system for an extensible network (up to 32 sensors). Using a multiple-sensor system based on a ProController allows other sensors from the PCME range to be added (such as Gas Flow, Temperature and Pressure sensors) for Mass Emissions Monitoring, Bagfilter Management (using PCME’s Baghouse Performance sensors) or as part of a CEM system including Gas Analysers.

PCME’s ProScatter™ Backscatter technology measures the amount of light scattered back from particles in the stack illuminated by a modulated laser.