The PCME STACKFLOW 200 averaging pitot sensor is designed to monitor the flow rate of emissions from industrial stacks for process control, regulatory flow rate and mass emission reporting (kg/year).

Engineered with in-built self-checks and high quality assurance features, the PCME STACKFLOW 200 as a compliance device, satisfies emission release data reporting obligations from a regulatory perspective.

The sensor is available as a standalone sensor or combined with single-channel or multi-channel PCME Control Units for enhanced user interface and easy integration of additional sampling points or other systems such as particulate monitors to provide mass emission rates.

Approved to stringent QAL1 standards by TUV, as specified in EN 15267-3 and EN 16911-2, the PCME STACKFLOW 200 provides a complete solution for flow measurement according to EN 14181 and EN 16911-2.