The PCME VIEW 273 is a cost effective Particulate CEM (Continuous Emissions Monitor) designed for high quality emission measurement in industrial stacks after bag filters, cartridge filters, cyclones and process driers, where regulatory approvals are not necessary. The instrument features long term data logging for long term process trend analysis and reporting of emission averages for environmental compliance, and offers a range of rugged sensor options for reliable and stable performance.

Using ENVEA UK’s patented Electrodynamic Probe Electrification technology, the instrument extracts a specific frequency band from the induced AC current signature and filters out the DC current caused by particle collisions. The technology outperforms conventional DC triboelectric systems and alternative AC systems by extending the velocity range over which the instrument has no cross sensitivity to changing velocity, and is unaffected by contamination of the sensor rod eliminating concerns of signal drift.

  • PC-ME Dust Tools PC software option to provide secure and powerful emissions reporting, real-time and historical data analysis for process control and predictive maintenance
  • Entry and Standard control unit with advanced graphic and user interface screens, features including alarming, graphical trending, data logging, 4-20mA output.
  • PLUS control unit option for sensor networking (up to 16 sensor channels) via industry standard Modbus, multiple inputs for external devices (e.g. for Temp and O2 normalisation)

The PCME VIEW 273 supersedes the DA80, an instrument proven in demanding CEM applications worldwide.