The PCME VIEW 580 is a cross-stack optical system suitable for monitoring particle emissions from combustion boilers and emissions controlled by electrostatic precipitators. Mains power and a choice of user outputs are wired directly to the instrument avoiding the need for a separate control unit and providing a stand-alone solution, or allowing simple integration into an existing CEM system. The PCME VIEW 580 can be used in processes where either direct Opacity (and extinction) measurement is required, or dust concentration measurement for specific applications via calibration against the Standard Reference Method.

Traditional Opacity instruments measure the intensity of received light; ENVEA UK's patented DynamicOpacity Ratiometric Opacity technology instead measures the temporal variation (rate of change) in light, or Optical Scintillation. This offers a significant advantage over traditional Opacity methods, as the ratiometric measurement is unaffected by lens contamination allowing the instrument to operate with lens contamination exceeding 90%, therefore greatly reducing costly process intervention for lens maintenance and servicing.

  • Internal electronic Zero and Span checks to monitor for instrument integrity
  • Extended maintenance intervals due to reduced sensitivity to lens contamination
  • Sensor lenses are accessed in-situ for lens cleaning, ensuring correct alignment of transmitter and receiver even after maintenance
  • Integrated control unit locally configurable via keypad and display, or via optional PC interface (RS232/485)
  • Optional Data Viewer and Device Set PC software for emissions viewing and system configuration via PC