Rugged Sensor Options

ENVEA UK has developed a range of rugged sensor options for its probe electrification instruments. These enable ENVEA UK's Electrodynamic™ particulate measurement range of instruments to be used in some challenging industrial applications and combine the benefits of an Electrodynamic™ measurement of dust (application dependent) with long term robust operation.

The following sensor options and modules are available to provide solutions to:

  • Elevated pressure and temperature applications
  • Extreme temperatures (incineration)
  • Acid attack protection (combustion of fuels with high sulphur content)
  • Elevated temperature acid attack protection (as above with higher temperature rating)
  • High humidity applications (process and spray driers)
  • Air purged sensor (conductive dust and high dust applications)
  • Explosive dust and gas zones (ATEX and IEX)

These solutions are available either as 'modules' which are stand alone components added to a standard sensor, or 'options' in which the sensor is built to an alternative mechanical design.

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