ProScatter™ Forward Scatter

ProScatter™ is a PCME patented laser forward scatter technique which provides reliable and high accuracy concentration measurement in Incinerator, Power Plant, Cement Stacks and other processes which require high auditing and traceability requirements (eg from EN 14181 and US EPA PS-11). The technique has a high signal to noise ratio even at dust concentrations below 0.1mg/m3 making it suitable for modern industrial plant where emissions are controlled well below the application and minimum detection limit of traditional optical transmission systems.

Core Features of the Technology are:

  • Exceptional signal to noise at dust concentrations below 0.1mg/m3 due to the increased signal from capturing a complete cone of light.
  • High reliability by having no moving parts in the receiver path and using optical components which do not age with temperature.
  • An optical path which can be completely uniquely checked by the automatic insertion of a scattering body ensuring the automatic span check is a true challenge of the instrument’s functionality and contamination condition.