In order to achieve quantitative measurement output (mg/m3) from ENVEA UK sensors and to ensure optimum performance from ENVEA UK's Particulate Monitoring Systems, it is necessary that the unit is calibrated against the results from the standard reference method (SRM), via isokinetic sampling.

To obtain the most accurate calibration there are a number of steps to follow and ENVEA UK are pleased to assist you with all these stages, as detailed below. ENVEA UK's Calibration service is in accordance with the most recent guidance from the Environment Agency (TGN M20 version 4) as issued in July 2018.

Commitment to effective calibration procedures will also assist with increased OMA Audit scores, as detailed in the OMA Guidance in the Environment Agency document "Guidance on undertaking an Operator Monitoring Assessment - Emissions to Air" and/or water" version 4, February 2013.

It is recommended that in most applications, calibration on an annual basis is suitable and sufficient, however, there may be instances where more frequent or multiple calibration exercises are required, such as due to periodic process changes. ENVEA UK will advise on the most suitable regime that is required.

For international clients ENVEA UK would recommend calibration to international or national standards and as a minimum our dust monitors should be calibrated annually.  Please consult ENVEA UK or your local supplier for further details.